How to install Optimum Realism?

1) Press Windows + R , go to %appdata%

2) Click on ".minecraft" and then "resource packs", if you've installed the correct version, then it should show up on the resource packs tab when you open Minecraft.

3) Install a suitable shader to play with Optimum Realism, SEUS PTGI HRR 2.1/3, Kappa/Kappa PT and BSL(more performance) are recommended.

On which platform can Optimum Realism be played on?

Optimum Realism is currently supported only on Minecraft Java Edition and has partial support on Bedrock RTX, a version of Minecraft Bedrock Edition(Mobile Devices) is experimental and under release procedure.

Where do I download the 256x and above versions of Optimum Realism?

Optimum Realism 128x is free, 256x and above versions of Optimum Realism which have a much better look and have better quality are patron-exclusive only. You can find the link to the Patreon page as well as the demo version here.

What are the minimum requirements for running Optimum Realism?

You should be fine with something like a GTX 1050 or above and a decent processor, the amount of ram required depends on whether you downloaded the 128x,512x or 1024x version of Optimum Realism. 8GB of ram should be fine for 128x and 512x. 16GB of ram is recommended to run the 1024x version of Optimum Realism to have sustainable fps.

If I want to report any bugs or problems, where can I do it?

If you purchase the Patreon membership, you could directly message Atmosphere Of Tech, otherwise, you could also just report it on our discord server.

The resourcepack isn't looking like it looks in the images, what should I do?

Optimum Realism has to be played with a shader, it is recommended, but not necessary to play it with either Kappa, Kappa PT or SEUS PTGI HRR 2.1, depending upon your taste. Make sure to download the variant likewise.

Can I play it on mcpe?

Yes Optimum Realism is partially supported on Minecraft Pocket Edition with some features being excluded to bring support to mobile devices.

How much does it cost?

Depending on which resolution you want it for, the membership tiers range from $3 to $15.

How do I make Optimum Realism?

Optimum Realism is created with almost a year of work. The textures are created in many ways, mainly by using a combination of dedicated high-end softwares.

Which shader does Optimum Realism mcpe work?

Optimum Realism mcpe works on the Nori Shaders currently.

There's a black screen on Optimum Realism MCPE

This simply means you phone doesn't support Nori Shaders yet. Optimum Realism is supported on almost all devices, Optimum Realism mcpe is planned to work on Osbes Shaders, which have much better compatibility, but till then please have patience.

Can I ask for a refund?

Whether you're eligible for a refund, depends on the site you purchased the membership for Optimum Realism from, and whether the reason stated is convincible.

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