R7 - Java Edition

[Changelog -R7] - Mossy Stone Bricks are added.

[Changelog -R7] - Normal Stone Bricks are reworked.

[Changelog -R7] - New Lush-fps-friendly grass model system added.

[Changelog -R7] - Blocks with Emissive Lighting like Magma are improved to portray real life-like lighting.

[Changelog -R7] - The first texture painting is added to Optimum Realism! - [Burning Skull]

[Changelog -R7] - Block of Copper is added.

[Changelog -R7] - Almost all variants of Copper are added.

[Changelog -R7] - Block of Netherite is added.

[Changelog -R7] - All variants of planks, wool and glass are added using Colormap Technology with great optimizations for performance.

[Changelog -R7] - Gravel is partially reworked.

[Changelog -R7] - Redstone Lamp is updated and has been replaced with a better texture.

[Changelog -R7] - Ice block is updated.

[Changelog -R7] - LeaF models have been slightly updated to look better and be more performant.

[Changelog -R7] - Basalt has been updated.

[Changelog -R7] - Armor has been updated.

[Changelog -R7] - Andestine is added

[Changelog -R7] - Dark Oak Log is added.

[Changelog -R7] - Spruce log is updated.

[Changelog -R7] - Quartz Block is added.

[Changelog -R7] - Chiseled Quartz Block is added.

[Changelog -R7] - Diamond ore has been updated.

[Changelog -R7] - Gold ore has been updated.

[Changelog -R7] - Iron ore has been updated.

[Changelog -R7] - Furnace has been improved and enhanced.

[Changelog -R7] - Grass has been slightly improved to further enhance minor detail

[Changelog -R7] - Ladders have been updated.

[Changelog -R7] - Minecart has been improved.

Changelogs for Bedrock RTX and Pocket Edition are not made as many blocks/features are unsupported and hence may highly differ*

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